My name is Martijn Arnoldus and I am the founder of Social Finance Matters. For much of the past twenty years, I have been working on social innovation challenges. I have always been fascinated by bottom-up, grassroots impact-driven initiatives that aim to creatively take on the complex, wicked social and ecological problems that our societies face today. Think of young ambitious entrepreneurs that are motivated by a do-gooder mentality rather than a pursuit of profit maximization. Or local communities that organize their own renewable energy projects. Or social innovators with a relentless drive to improve the quality of life and services for vulnerable people. 

What most of these initiatives have in common is that at some point they usually need funding to take off, grow, scale-up, professionalize and/or generate more impact. Many do not shy away from unorthodox mixes of different funding arrangements, bringing together professional impact investors (who usually want to see financial return), venture philanthropists, charities, contributors from the public sector and ‘the crowd’. But finding the right mix and right sources for funding can be quite challenging.

My mission with Social Finance Matters is to contribute to a strong, open and inclusive support infrastructure for impact-driven enterprises and initiatives. I initiate and carry out research, publish, do some consultancy, try to bring people together in (learning) networks and develop masterclasses and courses. I partner with many different Dutch and international organizations, ranging from funds and foundations to governments, universities and private companies. 

The main focus of my activities is on five interrelated themes to strengthen the support infrastructure for impact-driven enterprises and initiatives:

  • Accessible funding instruments
  • Innovative funding arrangements
  • Effective support programs/facilities
  • Education and skills – not just for social or community entrepreneurs, but also for investors/funders and facilitators.
  • System change – the more fundamental changes to the way our economy works. 

I would love to tell you more about my work and fields of interest, and I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reach out.

Best wishes,

Martijn Arnoldus


Get in touch

Feel free to contact me about anything related to social finance. I would love to hear from you and will try to reply as soon as possible.

   +3185 0185 071

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